Foreign Qualification

Foreign Qualification


When you transact business in a state other than where you originally incorporated, you may need to foreign qualify. While there are a number of factors, if you have employees, assets or significant revenues from another state, you will have to file the necessary paperwork that will authorize you to do business in that state. No matter where you need to foreign qualify, we can help.

How It Works

With our automated process backed up by our knowledgeable and experienced business experts, we make it easy.



You can login to your account or request foreign qualification on this page and simply let us know where you need to foreign qualify. It really is that simple.



With our experience, we draft the appropriate documentation based on the information you give us and file it with the right office, collect and pay the fees so it is done right fast the first time.



Once we complete the process, your documents will be uploaded to your secure online account giving you anytime access to your documents. We also notify you when you need to update or make periodic filings related to your new entity type.

Why Choose HF Consulting To Do Your Foreign Qualification

Our knowledgeable staff has years of experience handling every type of filing for customers of all sizes.
Do what you love, let us handle the paperwork‎.



HF Consulting has foreign qualified thousands of companies. We can put all of that expertise and knowledge to work for you so you can get back to focusing on your business.



Through your secure online account, you can complete the process often with a few clicks of the mouse and then let our business professionals take over. With our automated process and expertise, we do it fast and do it right.



Rather than doing the research and figuring out exactly how to do the paperwork yourself, let our professionals handle it for you. Our mission is to take away the hassles of paperwork so you can build your business.



Foreign qualification is important and it needs to be done right. Messing up this annoying administrative task can slow you down and cost you extra. Knowing that it will be done fast and done right the first time allows you to get to work faster and follow your passion while we do the paperwork.

Foreign Qualification Service FAQs

What is foreign qualification?

“Foreign qualification” does not mean qualifying to do business outside of the United States of America. Foreign, in this context, refers to another state within the United States, other than the one where you formed your company. If you are already doing business in your home state, but want to do business in another state, or hire employees in another state, you may need to “foreign qualify.” Also, if you formed a company in the popular states of Delaware, Nevada or Wyoming, but are based in another state, you will likely have to foreign qualify in your state of operation. Foreign qualification is registering to do business in that state. When you do that, you will have to appoint a registered agent with a physical address within that state.



Who needs to foreign qualify?

To answer that question, you need to ask yourself a few questions:


1. Are your operations primarily in a state other than the one where you originally formed?
2. Do you have a physical presence in another state like leased space or owned property?
3. Do you have employees in another state?
4. Do you do business such as take orders or earn revenues from another state?
5. Do you have a bank account in another state?


If you answered any of these with a “yes,” you may need to foreign qualify. You can call our business professionals if you have questions or ask your accounting or legal professional.


So what happens if you don’t foreign qualify and you should have?

Yes, it does cost money to foreign qualify, but it can cost you much more if you try to get away with not doing it when you should have. Many state laws require it and will charge you a penalty on top of “making up” for the past due fees. You may also not be able to adequately pursue or defend a lawsuit in courts of the states where you are transacting business without registering and foreign qualifying.



Are there alternatives to foreign qualifying?

An alternative to foreign qualifying is to incorporate your business or form your LLC in the other state(s) in which you plan to do business. The primary difference is that when you incorporate or form your LLC in multiple states, your company becomes domestic in each of those states, thereby creating separate entities. By foreign qualifying, you don’t have to form a new corporate entity for each state in which you operate. This avoid the unnecessary costs and administrative headaches.


What happens if I don’t timely file my annual report?

States impose fines and penalties if you fail to file your annual report or file it late. More importantly, many states will suspend or terminate your entity if you fail to make the proper filings.

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